About the Book

Francis is a heartless shell of a man. Attractive, intelligent, cultured, and independently wealthy, he seems to have it all, yet he struggles to find meaning and happiness in life. He is the son of a cold and ruthless fencing fanatic, who is determined to have one of his children crowned world champion.
The novel tracks Francis’ progress as he fights to overcome the emotional problems caused by his obsessed father, as he tries to open his heart to love, and as he advances through the world championship in a bid to reach the final.
Torn between his duty towards fencing and his ambition to become a concert pianist, and led by his all-consuming hatred, Francis will have to come to terms with the person that he has become.

The Fencer ( L’Escrimeur ) is an intelligent, character-driven, literary novel with influences from existentialism and Romanticism. It is a moving and heartfelt tale of hatred, bitterness, and the possibility of redemption.
Informed by the author's own experience as a former competitive fencer, the novel provides unique insight into the world of professional fencing.